Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Okay I know I'm late this time.

Okay epic fail on my part. I meant to update on the weekend but that didn't happen.  I was really busy.  I went and got CDs on Friday because my favorite Kpop group just had their comeback and released a CD so I had to buy it.  I was busy Saturday and Sunday I went to a concert.  The concert I went to was for the oldest Kpop group that is still active.  They are called Shinhwa and have been together for 14 years. I went with another teacher who has been a fan of them for 12 years!  It was an amazing concert.  It lasted over 3 hours.  Anyways my week has been busy with test writing and many other things I do at work.  When I get home I am super tired. So I don't talk too much about my elementary classes but I am the main teacher for 3 classes.  In one of my classes I actually have a student named Tara and it can get a little confusing because when they say Tara I think they are talking to me but then I have to remember that they call me Teacher. 
This is Tara Teacher and Tara.

This is Lucy and I.

This is David and I.
Okay so here are a few pictures from one of my classes.  Lucy is really cute.  Tara and I have a lot in common and David is really affectionate.  lol This class is really funny.  I like teaching this class.

Oh we celebrated birthdays last week so here are a few pictures of my birthday kids. So first off they kids who have a birthday in the month we are celebrating come to school dressed up in their Homboks which are traditional outfits.  Why my little Melissa is dressed up in a dress that looks like a wedding dress I couldn't tell you.  Anyways each student gets sang to and walked down across the gym to a cake and food. So for these two I walked them down.  Kevin the secondary foreign teacher took the second picture and wrote the card. So each student gets a present in which they pick a student of the opposite sex to give them their gift and a hug.  So these are the pictures.
Melissa and Dana

Christopher and Dana

Lucy Teacher, Dana and Kevin Teacher

Melissa and Robin

Melissa didn't understand the hug part.

So cute! I love Robin!!!

Lucy Teacher, Melissa and Kevin Teacher
In case you didn't figure out from the pictures Lucy Teacher is my co-teacher for Davinci class.  My older class didn't have any birthdays so no pictures yet.  Lucy Teacher and I are the same age which she thinks I look younger then her.  She kind of freaked out when she found out we are the same age.  She is really sweet.  I like hanging out with Lucy Teacher! :)  Emma Teacher is my other co-teacher for my older students (Edison).  I really get along with Emma Teacher.  She is my unnie (older sister).  lol shh... don't tell her I told you that!  :)

Okay I think I better get to bed.  I'm tired and I have a busy day tomorrow!  Goodnight!  I'll try to update soon! Besos!

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